I do. We did.

Hello! So, we surprised most of the world by deciding to elope on November 5th, 2014! It was a perfect day. Adam and I met back in May from this little weird dating app called Tinder. I had downloaded the app several months back out of sheer curiosity, the whole world was talking about it! I did end up meeting about 8 or so guys from the app, all nice dudes but not enough spark, you know? All of that changed when I met Adam. I never believed in all of that "soul mate" and "when you know, you know" hoopla. Always assuming I was the best version of myself when I was completely alone, I had never contemplated marriage. I didn't consider my lifestyle condusive to the institution of it all.

I was wrong. The more Adam and I talked about the M word, the faster I realized I wasn't against the institution of it, but only the opening act. The W word. The wedding! Don't get me wrong, I love weddings! I love my career as a bridal stylist! However, after seeing the behind the scenes action of 300+ brides, the wedding aspect of marriage has lost its luster to me. While its the right choice for so many people, it just wasn't the right choice for us.

Adam proposed in late August. I expected myself to be more hesitant and trepidatious. But yes was the only answer I could provide, I love this guy so dang much. What does a girl do when she gets a ring.. we look at Pinterest! After ruling out the option of a big wedding and months of planning: elopement was the idea. We had already planned a trip to San Francisco for sightseeing and a concert. Pinterest led us to the idea of eloping in San Francisco, CA! The more research we did, it was clear that this was the place and plan for us. It was far enough away from home that it would truly feel like "our moment" and people wouldn't be upset they weren't invited. Plus, SF City Hall is beautiful! We also decided it would be way more interesting if we didn't tell our friends! Yes, both of our immediate families were in on it but how often do people get to truly surprise one another? It was so difficult not to share the news with my awesome friends. Especially after they noted the changes I was making in my personal life.

Our wedding day came on Wednesday, Nov, 5th. After getting ready together, we walked hand in hand down to City Hall. My parents joined us for the intimate ceremony at the top of the grand staircase. Afterwards, we all celebrated with champagne and delicious french food at Absinthe Brasserie. That evening, we strolled along the bay and wharf, enjoying our first sunset as a married couple. Our "reception" was going to a rock concert! While eloping is not for everyone, it was the right choice for us. I applaud every bride for following her heart and making her wedding the way she wants. I love watching my clients as they get ready for the wedding of their dreams- knowing I was able to have mine.

Even though we decided on small scale wedded bliss, we wanted to properly document the day. Many heartfelt thanks are in order for Emily Gutman. She is a fantastic photographer who specializes in City Hall weddings. Please visit her website if you are ever in need of a San Francisco photographer.


Makeup by Amanda Rose 
Florals by Farm Girl Flowers

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