30 Days of Thanks- Year 3

The last 2 years, I have participated in 30 days of thanks in one posting- to avoid cluttering every one's facebook news feed on a daily basis. Its a great thing, to sit down and think of all of blessings in life. People from all over the world rejoiced so I figured I'd do it again this year. 

1. Thank you Tinder, for introducing me to my husband. We collided through the tinder-sphere and will live happily ever after.
2. Thank you Amazon Prime for getting me everything I need with free 2 day shipping. 
3. I am thankful for Megan Trainor's song, "All About that Bass" for making it cute to bring back retro pop with body positivity. No treble. 
4. Thank you, peer pressure. For being totally not cool anymore. Unless my friends think its cool. 
5. I appreciate the ability to unsubscribe from emails, then getting an email saying I am successfully unsubscribed. 
6. Thank you, Pita Bread, for being a great combination between wheat and envelopes. 
7. My family, my friends, my clients- thank you for your unwavering support in all of my endeavors.
8. Thank you clapping, for giving me the ability to high-five myself. 
9. How I Met Your Mother, thanks for ending the TV series and having Ted still end up with Robin. As it should be. 
10.  Thank you Taco Bell, for finally getting into breakfast. 
11. Thank you Uggs- for having the most honest product name in today's society. 
12. Thank you Weather Channel for the 10 day forecast. 2 days are accurate and 8 days just make for a fun guessing game. 
13. Thanks Dove for being the brand name of both soap and chocolate. My shower this morning was delicious. 
14. Thank you Robin Williams. You made the world a happier place during your time here, and I hope you've found peace.
15. I'm still thankful for my Athena, being the best dog and companion a this girl could ever hope for. 
16. Thank you America- where Love and Civil rights are no longer mutually exclusive. 
17. Thanks Fireball. I can't remember what happened- but I think I had a good time.
18. Find My iPhone App, I bow down to you.
19. Thank you headphones, for being the international symbol of "Don't talk to me". 
20. Thank you, people who say "Have a safe flight" for meaning "I hope you don't die!"
21. Sincerest thanks every other professional, for your referrals and recommendations, I value your opinion of me.
22. Thank you to hairspray, you hold my life in place. 
23. My Adam, thank you for showing me how to be the best version of myself. I love you. 
24. Thank you to my parents, for keeping our elopement a secret even though I know it was challenging. 
25. Thank you Gatorade. When I carry one around at 9am, it lets everyone know I partied too hard last night. 
26. Thanks brevity. 
27. Thank you fruity pebbles, for being rice crispies that came out of the closet. 
28. Thank you Urban Dictionary. Without you, I wouldn't know where Felicia went. 
29. Thank you to my vacation buddies over the last year. It was nice to travel with someone else for a change.
30. In closing, I'm forever thankful for flip flops, they make it socially acceptable to never wear shoes.

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