sheri + jeff

 This bride, Sheri, was one of the easiest clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the moment I walked into the room on her wedding day, the vibe of the room was pure love and excitement. You could just tell everyone wanted to be there and was happy for the moment! It was awesome! Plus, I love that she rocked Toms on her wedding day.. too cool. Their Daniel Island Club setting was the perfect backdrop for the special day. Many thanks to Britt Croft Photography for sharing these photos. Wishing Sheri and Jeff a long life of happiness!

30 Days of Thanks

Last year, I did 30 days of thanks in one posting- to avoid cluttering everyone's facebook news feed on a daily basis. People from all over the world rejoiced so I figured I'd do it again this year. 

1- I'm thankful for the new $100 bills. They make me feel like the real world is a game of monopoly. 
2- Thanks goes to facebook, for alerting me that when its a friends birthday, all they really want is a starbucks giftcard.
3- Appreciation is given to google calendar for helping me keep my life right.
4- Thanks to my friends who I have leaned on during these past few months while I have gone through so many personal changes.
5- Thanks Apple, for making all of the accessories for my generation 4S phone obsolete.
6- I'm thankful for the new efficienty lightbulbs, for lasting forever and not changing lightbulbs in 2 years.
7- Total wine, you make me complete.
8- Thanks to my summer full of dating misadventures. It taught me a lot, and helped me keep my sense of humor alive and well.
9- I'm still thankful for my Athena, being the best dog and companion a lonely hairstylist could hope for.
10- I'm thankful for purple hair dye, it keeps my exterior as vibrant as my interior.
11- Dear Kim Kardashian, thanks for disappearing from the limelight. Please stay that way. And take Miley with you.
12- Thank you for youtube, I finally know what the fox says.
13- I appreciate the subtle nuances you can craft with emoti-cons.
14- Thank you Vine, for creating an even shorter attention span with 7 second videos.
15- Netflix, you rock for making it socially acceptable to binge watch 4 seasons of a tv show at a time.
16- I'm indebted to bobby pins. Without you, how would I hold anything in place?
17- Same goes for control top tights.
18- Thanks for the girl scout cookies. You've managed to put less in a box, and charge me double.
19- Thank you to my clients, you are my friends. You make me want to come to work every day, and I treasure each one of you.
20- Sincerest thanks every other professional, for your referrals and recommendations, I value your opinion of me.
21- To my favorite organ, my ever suffering liver. Thanks for detoxing me after too much Gin.
22- Thanks for cinnamon brooms, they smell amazing and make me feel like a fancy, scented witch.
23- Speaking of fancy, thanks for single servings of prosecco champagne. Drinking from a mini bottle makes me feel like a wealthy giant.
24- Ryan Gosling, thanks for being hot.
25- Thanks for the barcode app, my wallet is much lighter now without all those pesky plastic member cards floating around.
26- Thanks Laura Linney.. for introducing Downton Abbey at the beginning of every show.. and this is masterpiece theater. I had no idea what I was watching until you told me.
27- Target, thank you for allowing me buy everything I didn't know I needed.
28- I'm thankful for Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z collabs. I can wear my suit and tie and drink from my holy grail at the same time.
29- Thanks to my weather app, I never have to actually go outside to see how it feels.
30- In closing, I'm forever thankful for flip flops, they make it socially acceptable to never wear shoes.

Charleston Make Up Artists

Makeup has the ability to transform and elevate your look to the next level. It can be a powerful tool to look flawless and tap into your self confidence. The artistry behind it takes years of practice, patience, and a sense of creativity not all are blessed with. When choosing someone to create your look, get a make-over, or simply a lesson in the basics- always choose someone professional.  I'm often asked who are my favorite makeup artists in Charleston, so I've decided to name my faves (in random order!)

Please consider any of these talented individuals for your next makeup experience.

Kelly Campbell Love Kelly! Check out our combined efforts on Mandy's May 2013 wedding below!

Elizabeth Quinton (EQ Makeup) Elizabeth is a sweet soul, and she made our Bride Corrine Look Stunning for her April 2013 wedding.

Pamela Lesch Humble and truly talented with airbrush, Pamela and I have worked together many times. How stunning does Nikki Look here?

Dannon Collard Fabulous and lighthearted, Dannon has amazing smokey eye skills.

Erika + Logan

Erika + Logan’s sweet Charleston wedding was filled with love, laughter and lots of color and, lucky for us, Monika Gauthier Photography was on hand to capture all the adorable details.  The duo tied the knot in an intimate outdoor ceremony before heading over to the South Carolina Aquarium for one heck of a celebration complete, with a stunning Jim Smeal creation!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day! 

Lindsay + Stephen

This fabulous wedding comes to you from the lens of Olivia Collins photography. Lindsay was such a sweet, kind bride to work with- and all of her 10 bridesmaids! The creek club at I-on served as the perfect backdrop for this southern affair, I was so happy to have been a part of their special day.

This was a wedding I did with Paperdolls Wedding Hair and Makeup.

Tuscan Inspiration Shoot

Hello there! I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a part of this goregeous styled shoot for PureLux Bridal and Juliet Livingston Photography. Tuscan chic was the theme for this fabulous day, with loose waves and a deep retro side part to create the look. This was a shoot I did as a hairstylist for PaperDolls Wedding Hair And Makeup, with Mariah Hennet being the fabulous makeup artist for this shoot!

How to Wear a Middle Part


Did you know that middle parts are making a comeback? It's a classic and easy look, but it can also be a little tricky, depending on your face shape. Who should go for it? Ladies with long, oval, or square faces. Not that it never works for ladies with very round faces—it can just make their cheeks look wider, so if that's a concern for you, maybe stick to a side part and find another trend to hop on. Well, Sandra Bullock not only cosigned that in Venice (where is is promoting her new movie Gravity with George Clooney), but she decided to show us all how to really do one.


There's a little detail in the back there that makes her middle part crazy-flattering.
And that something is a bit of height created by brushing just the very back of her hair straight away from her face. This move makes for a really lovely shape in the front that makes a middle part 1,000 times more wearable. Plus, it makes you look a smidge taller, which is music to the ears of those of us who are vertically challenged.

Here are 2 more celebs rocking this look 



You into this hair look?

Rachel + Dan

Rachel was a stunning bride!  They hosted beautiful summer wedding at Magnolia Plantation Carriage House. This rustic yet elegant inspired occasion was the perfect celebration, enjoyed by family and friends. The bride and groom exchanged their vows outside among a beautiful, southern landscape with a picture perfect view of the lowcountry waterfront.  The rustic and southern feel of the Carriage House provided the perfect venue for this romantic, natural, and rustic inspired wedding. The couples sweet personalities were seen throughout their wedding day, I love the cake stands, don't you? Photography courtesy of King Street Studios and wedding planner Pure Lux Bridal 

This was a wedding I worked on as  PaperDolls Hair and Makeup