What Is A Glaze?

As a color specialist, I am often preach the importance of healthy hair. Often, I recommend glazes to clients for multiple reasons. But what is a glaze?

What you can expect from a Glaze:

- Enriches hair with multi-dimensional and luminous shine.
- Blends gray hair up to 50%.
- Refreshes color between permanent color appointments.

This is amazing for redheads, and brunettes to help keep color fresh and vibrant between weeks of appointments. Many of my clients stretch their appointments out 8- 10 weeks in between services. Permanent color is only designed to stay vibrant for about 6 weeks or so. Glazing restores the shine and color to your locks and helps your hair look amazing for another few weeks!

Who is a Glaze best for?

- Those interested in color but to do not want permanent color.
- Clients who are afraid of an artificial color result, or potential damage to their hair.
- Those who are afraid of commitment- longevity of color and financial cost.

This is a 20 minute treatment that can enhance and restore your own natural color, or that of permanent color. It slowly fades out over 6 weeks and is a great way to "try going dark" or "maybe I'd like to go red".

I recommend this service for all of my color clients, and at half the cost of permanent color, its a much smarter, quicker way  to color your hair!