30 Days of Thanks

Last year, I did 30 days of thanks in one posting- to avoid cluttering everyone's facebook news feed on a daily basis. People from all over the world rejoiced so I figured I'd do it again this year. 

1- I'm thankful for the new $100 bills. They make me feel like the real world is a game of monopoly. 
2- Thanks goes to facebook, for alerting me that when its a friends birthday, all they really want is a starbucks giftcard.
3- Appreciation is given to google calendar for helping me keep my life right.
4- Thanks to my friends who I have leaned on during these past few months while I have gone through so many personal changes.
5- Thanks Apple, for making all of the accessories for my generation 4S phone obsolete.
6- I'm thankful for the new efficienty lightbulbs, for lasting forever and not changing lightbulbs in 2 years.
7- Total wine, you make me complete.
8- Thanks to my summer full of dating misadventures. It taught me a lot, and helped me keep my sense of humor alive and well.
9- I'm still thankful for my Athena, being the best dog and companion a lonely hairstylist could hope for.
10- I'm thankful for purple hair dye, it keeps my exterior as vibrant as my interior.
11- Dear Kim Kardashian, thanks for disappearing from the limelight. Please stay that way. And take Miley with you.
12- Thank you for youtube, I finally know what the fox says.
13- I appreciate the subtle nuances you can craft with emoti-cons.
14- Thank you Vine, for creating an even shorter attention span with 7 second videos.
15- Netflix, you rock for making it socially acceptable to binge watch 4 seasons of a tv show at a time.
16- I'm indebted to bobby pins. Without you, how would I hold anything in place?
17- Same goes for control top tights.
18- Thanks for the girl scout cookies. You've managed to put less in a box, and charge me double.
19- Thank you to my clients, you are my friends. You make me want to come to work every day, and I treasure each one of you.
20- Sincerest thanks every other professional, for your referrals and recommendations, I value your opinion of me.
21- To my favorite organ, my ever suffering liver. Thanks for detoxing me after too much Gin.
22- Thanks for cinnamon brooms, they smell amazing and make me feel like a fancy, scented witch.
23- Speaking of fancy, thanks for single servings of prosecco champagne. Drinking from a mini bottle makes me feel like a wealthy giant.
24- Ryan Gosling, thanks for being hot.
25- Thanks for the barcode app, my wallet is much lighter now without all those pesky plastic member cards floating around.
26- Thanks Laura Linney.. for introducing Downton Abbey at the beginning of every show.. and this is masterpiece theater. I had no idea what I was watching until you told me.
27- Target, thank you for allowing me buy everything I didn't know I needed.
28- I'm thankful for Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z collabs. I can wear my suit and tie and drink from my holy grail at the same time.
29- Thanks to my weather app, I never have to actually go outside to see how it feels.
30- In closing, I'm forever thankful for flip flops, they make it socially acceptable to never wear shoes.

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