Amsterdam + Lost In Translation

Hallo, Goedmorgan! That means hello good day in Dutch, which is also the only amount of Dutch I know. After taking another early morning flight on my tuna can in the sky airline, I arrived in the stunning city of Amsterdam. The city is filled with canals and colorful buildings, so it's a wonderful change to the sandstone and grey architecture I've been looking at for the past 2 weeks! Unfortunately, it's been years since I've been here and my first time visiting alone.

Today proved to be more challenging than anticipated; between the language barrier and extreme fatigue I faced between Dublin, early morning flights, and constant travel. After checking into my hotel, I struck out into the city to start my adventures, only to be so confused and lost and frustrated. Also, it's not the cars you need to worry about, the bicycles will run you over first!

I stopped into the most colorful church so far, called St Nicolas and walked through centraal station and the beginnings of the red light district. I wandered around for 5 hours, just enjoying the look of the city before becoming hopelessly exhausted and returning to my hotel.

I've spent the rest of my evening marking my hotel on the map in relation to the places I wanted to go and have better formulated a plan to get the most out of my next 3 days here. But, in my opinion, no language should have double a's or o's strung together in one word. Example: waterrlooplein or sarphatistraat

Stay tuned..

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