10 Hair Color Makeover Ideas to try in 2013

New year, new you, new hue! With lingering leftovers and the security of a few more shapeless parka months ahead, it's easy to postpone those New Year's resolutions. Instead, take a cue from these celebrity hair transformations and you'll be ready to make the leap—headfirst no less.

Rooney Mara's Ashy Black Hair Color

Rooney Mara's Ashy Black Hair Color

If you're coveting Salander's edge (sans the dragon tattoo), these coal-color locks alone could put you on the naughty list. Ask your stylist for a non permanent dark color like this, called a Glaze or demi permanent color. It fades away slowly without the longevity of permanent black.

Rachel McAdams' Cool Brown Hair Color
 Rachel McAdams' Cool Brown Hair Color With more than a few chilly days ahead, there is no better compliment to those rosy cheeks and winter white skin that Rachel's sleek brown bob. Notice her color matches her eyebrows!

Kristin Wiig's Ombre Auburn Hair Color

Kristin Wigs' Ombre Auburn Hair Color

Her blonde to dark transformation is a fun take on the ombre trend, and will be the new way to wear ombre color in 2013. Notice the softer dimension rather then the harsh dark to light ends from Summer 2012.

Scarlett Johansson's Fiery Red Hair Color

Scarlett Johansson's Fiery Red Hair Color
Red is a naturally seductive color, and with a bold hue like this, you'll be nothing but a beacon of sexiness!

January Jones' Strawberry Blond Hair Color

January Jones' Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Not ready for a drastic color change? Take a cue from January and and go a little strawberry.

Emma Stone's White Blond Hair Color
Emma Stone's White Blonde Hair Color
No caption needed, she looks great in any color.

Ashlee Simpson's True Platinum Hair Color
Ashlee Simpson's Platinum Hair Color
While I loved her auburn shade, there is nothing more rock star than platinum blonde hair. Notice the shorter haircut as well. They most likely had to cut a lot of her length due to the damaging process of red to blonde. Do not try this at home.

Rihanna's Black-Cherry Hair Color
Rihanna's Black Cherry Hair Color
Rihanna's red was fierce, but the new look works like a draped leather jacket- its both edgy and refined.

Amy Adams' Warm Auburn Hair Color
Amy Adams' Warm Auburn Color
Abandoning your red roots can be hard to do, so instead add a little auburn glaze to illuminate in a pinch.

Drew Barrymore's Orange-Red Hair Color
Drew Barrymore's Copper Color
Look how delicate her skin looks next to the copper red color, gorgeous!


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