Nicki + Adam

This affair celebrating Nick and Adam's union was beautiful and had an amazing color palette of gray and yellow. These colors compliment each other so well! Nicki was a traditional bride with modern touches, her grown was spectacular. Katherine Miller Events pulled everything together for the evening wedding at the Cotton Docks of Boone Hall Plantation. Photography courtesy of Charlotte Elizabeth Photography and makeup by the incomparable Pamela Lesch Hair by Alise B.

Margaret + Andrew

Margaret and Andrew were married in an evening ceremony at First Scots Presbyterian church with a reception following at Lowndes Grove plantation.  A brief thunderstorm cooled down the temperatures and gave way to a beautiful night of fun with friends and family.  we wish Margaret and Andrew a lifetime of companionship and love!

                                            Photos courtesy of the amazing Amelia + Dan Photography 

wedding coordinator . will langmeier . designs & details
ceremony venue . first scots presbyterian
reception venue . lowndes grove plantation
caterer + cake . patrick properties
hair . affair hair by tanesha and myself
band . papa sol

Girl, Where Did You Get Your Weave? A How To Guide on How to Make Your Own Extensions

Hello Dolls!

I am often asked about how to make your own clip in extensions, so I've created a how to guide on the process. Now, anyone who knows me, knows my love of extra length. Clip In Extensions are a great way to get a quick change for an event, a wedding, or just a day you want to whip some extra hair back and forth.

First, start with quality human hair. There is no substitute for good hair. If you get synthetic or cheap hair, it will be awful looking and unnatural. I recommend spending spending $60 at minimum for a pack of hair. The best place to get hair is in the 'hood. Seriously. The quality for the price skyrockets the further away from the mall and sally's beauty supply you shop. So lock your car doors and head into the ghetto.

Also important, hair extensions always look better when curled or worn wavy. One of the reasons why celebrities very rarely wear their hair straight is because they are usually wearing extensions and they blend better when worn wavy/curly.

Items You Will Need:

- Good Quality Hair
- Sewing Needle
- Sewing Thread, match the color of your hair. Black is usually fine, brown is good too!
- Wig Clips. They are usually 2 for a $1.

Step 1- Buy your hair, and try and match it as close to your own color as possible. However, if you are like me, my hair is colored a very distinct red hue and I have to color my extensions to match. In this case, I buy the color that most closely resembles my own natural/starting color and go from there.

Pictured below are 16 inch FingerRoll by Milky Way. I prefer them, they are great quality human hair that already are wavy so they are much easier to style.

Step 2- Measure the extensions to your head shape. I prefer to place them lower on the head, so closer to the nap and midsection of the back of your head. Never place them too high in the crown, your own hair might not cover them! Personally, I wear 3 panels of hair. One at the nape, one in the midsection (right at the ears) and 1 right above my ears (the top section should be the widest of the 3).

Step 3- If you are going to color your extensions, you need to either visit your hairstylist or carefully pick the shade you use if you self color your hair. Be careful, you'd hate to ruin your new extensions with the wrong color. When in doubt, always pick a color a shade lighter. Remember to use a deposit only color, do not try and lighten your extensions.  Lightly spray the extensions with water, as it helps the hair absorb the color better.

Step 4- Shampoo, Condition, and Dry your extensions. Put a little argan oil or heat protectant spray into them as well, to help protect the hair. This is human hair, treat it like you would your own!

Step 5- Start sewing your extensions together. I like to fold them over into sections of two, it makes the extensions a little thicker and you can fit more hair into a smaller space. This is especially recommended if you have thick hair. Use a simple needle and sewing thread and do a simple whip stitch to sew them together.

Step 6- Attach the clips evenly spaced along the panel of hair. Again, attach them with a simple whip stitch with a needle and thread.

Step 7- Place them in the desired sections on your head. Curl both your hair and the extensions together! Enjoy your new look!

1 Trend 4 Ways, Lace Hair

Lace is one of those things that can make you look all elegant and chic in your hair when done right...or like you've stuck a doily on your head at a senior citizen center when not. Here are four ideas that'll help you fall into that first category:

You can wrap it around a sophisticated updo like on this runway model (this wasn't done with fabric, but it obviously could be!):

Wrap a few strands around your head like a headband:
Pinned Image
Wrap a few strands around your head like a headband:

Use a strip to bind a long braid:
Pinned Image

Or wrap it around the underside of a high bun—so unexpected!
Pinned Image

Ashley + Michael

The wedding of Ashley and Michael was a beautiful, casual affair between close family and friends. There was so much love in the air the whole morning when I was prepping the bride and her maids! Almost everything was handcrafted, from the flowers down to the little details on the mason jars. The Island House on Johns Island was an amazing backdrop for the blue and coral wedding. Congratulations Ashley and Michael, I hope you have an amazing honeymoon!

Photography courtesy of Liesa Bissett.

Lauren + Rad

Cypress Trees Plantation on Edisto never looked prettier than on September 29th when Lauren and Rad exchanged vows and celebrated with family and friends. The ceremony was held under those incredible trees overlooking the marsh with music performed by Calvin Taylor followed by cocktails, a buffet dinner and dancing. Entertainment continued with the Calvin Taylor Trio. Other spectacular vendors include Coming Up Roses of Edisto who did the flowers. The caterer was Charleston Bay Gourmet, hair styling by moi. All expertly coordinated by Lyn Smal from Palmetto Events Services.

And of course, incredible wedding photography by… Rick Dean Photography capturing Charleston, SC and beyond. Congrats to Lauren and Rad!

30 Days of Thanks

So everyone has seen the facebook status' that are posting about 30 day of giving thanks, with each day being something different.

While I like the concept, I'd rather not annoy people every day for a month.. more than I already do!

So here it goes.. all wrapped up into a nice thanksgiving eggroll.

  1. .I'm thankful for "Angry Birds" helping me pass the time in the excessively long liquor store lines. 
  2. Thanks goes to SNL for delivering the only political news I care to hear. 
  3. I'm thankful for 
    Best Buy allowing price matching with Amazon, year around!
  4. Thank you, Ikea, for showing me that 422 SQ feet looks more appealing than my dull, nice sized house. 
  5. Athena, my furry friend of 8 years, thanks for providing me love and snuggles on chilly nights.
  6. I'm thankful for Pinterest, who knew you could do so many things with yarn, bottle caps, and pipe cleaners? 
  7. Thanks are due to the art of the "text message" for no longer making me answer my phone.
  8. Facebook, thank you for showing people when you have "seen" a message, making it much harder to ignore people.
  9. I'm thankful for my lower extremities, without you, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on. 
  10.  Dear Abby, thank you for proving me outdated info throughout my childhood. 
  11. I'm thankful for the men on Target's store advertising. Ya'll look good, and provide me with the hope that someday I too, can have a well dressed smiling man holding a puppy. 
  12. I'm thankful for blacklight posters that you can color in. I can't afford a "wine by design" art class, so whiskey and some crayola markers suit me just fine. 
  13.  I'm thankful for my tattoo artist, who knows I hate getting inked and always has snacks and good music to distract me. 
  14. Thank you for IMDB, you help me settle arguments about actors. 
  15. I'm eternally thankful for my parents, who put up with my antics and mood swings like champs.
  16.  I'm thankful for hairspray, it holds everything in place.
  17. I'm thankful for Spanx, it holds everything in place too!
  18. Thanks are in order for the toilet paper holder. It separates men from boys. 
  19. Thank you Google, for always providing me my direction in life. 
  20.  I'm thankful for all of my clients. As a hairstylist, you are my wearable art. 
  21.  I'm thankful for hair accessories. With them, I make myself much harder to ignore. 
  22.  Thank you for colored tights, they make too short dresses more acceptable. 
  23. Thank you, spellcheck.
  24. I'm thankful for Honey Boo Boo. Seriously. I feel way more educated now compared to you. 
  25. Thank you, Instagram, for making everyone feel like a photographer.
  26.  Thank you Charleston, SC for being unseasonably warm... year around.
  27.  Thank you for scented candles, you make my house smell like I cooked something tasty without any of the clean up! 
  28.  I'm thankful for twist off caps on wine, you make it so much easier to get to the good stuff.
  29.  Johnny Depp, thanks for being born. 
  30.  Lastly, I'm thankful for flip flops. They make it socially acceptable to never wear shoes.

The 7 Most To-Die-For Brunette Hues

Think blondes have more fun? Check out these sultry brunettes and think again. According to colorist Marie Robinson, whose clients include Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, the best shades of brown and black right now are natural—kicked up a notch. "It's about enhancing, not extremes," she says. "Most of these celebrities are within two shades of their natural color, whether it's a tiny bit lighter or darker."

Beachy Brown Brunette Emma Watson


"This sandy brown color goes well with Emma Watson's short haircut," says Robinson. "It makes her face appear softer." Watson's hair is dyed two to three shades lighter than her natural color and blended with highlights. "It's so finely done that as it grows out, she's not going to get any major demarcations or root lines," says Robinson. She also notes that someone with a layered, wispy cut should avoid going too light. "Otherwise, their ends will appear thin or see-through."

Caramel Brown Brunette Jennifer Lopez


"This is a lot of color," says Robinson. But these golden highlights still flatter—and illuminate—Jennifer Lopez's complexion because her base is brown. The lightest sections are toward the mid-length and the ends. To get Lopez's color, ask for a light brown base, and add highlights around the face out to the ends, gradually getting lighter toward the tips of the layers.

Golden Brown Brunette Natalie Portman


"This sunny, golden brown hair color really brings out the color of Natalie Portman's eyes," says Robinson. Subtle honey and caramel highlights also perk up her complexion. "The highlights are blended, not streaky, to make her hair look barely sun-kissed." Robinson recommends this shade for pale to olive skin tones. "It adds color without overdoing it," she says.

Chestnut Brown Brunette Victoria Beckham


"This is the color anyone could wear," says Robinson. This chestnut brown shade warms up Victoria Beckham's complexion and enhances her brown eyes. Ask for a dark brown base and caramel and light auburn highlights to frame the face, mid-length, and ends. Robinson says that red highlights are the key to this look. "The red golds add dimension, making your hair look richer and more chocolaty."

Natural Ash Brown Brunette Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis traded in her extreme ombre look for classic highlights. "These highlights are diffused on the ends and are hitting the points of her layers, which is nice because it shows off the shape of the haircut," says Robinson. This would work best on a medium- to long-layered cut. "You would ask the colorist to work with your natural color, and just highlight the mid-length and ends, following the haircut," says Robinson. The ash brown background is universally flattering, but to add warmth to your complexion, swap the sandy highlights for caramel.

Ash Brown Brunette Katie Holmes


"This is a pretty medium ash brown," says Robinson. "It makes [Katie Holmes's] eyes sparkle." When going dark, Robinson suggests that it's important to keep length—and height—in mind. "When you have long, dark hair and are tall in proportion to that, it looks elegant. But if you're petite, make sure it's not one length, because it will look overwhelming." Layering will add movement to your hair and stop it from hiding your face and body shape.

Smoky Brown Brunette Jennifer Hudson


"Because this isn't the darkest brown or black, it could look good on almost anybody," says Robinson of Jennifer Hudson's shade. "It's not going to add color to your skin, but it going to be a nice frame because it's a very natural, soft smoky brown." Robinson suggests this shade for dark, olive, or golden skin tones—it could wash out very pale skin. At the salon, ask for a semipermanent glossing with color a few shades darker than your natural tone and work from there.

The Most Beautiful Hair Color Ideas For Redheads

"Red is having its moment right now," says colorist Christopher Pierce of the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles. Find out who wears it best, plus get tips on how to find (and maintain) your perfect shade.

Strawberry Blonde Redhead Nicole Kidman


Skin tone is one of the most important factors to consider when going red, says Pierce. "Nicole [Kidman]'s skin is the fairest of the fair, and this strawberry blonde shade has just enough red to work with the pink undertones in her skin," he says. This barely red hue tends to look prettiest on women with naturally medium to dark blonde hair.

Ginger Redhead Marcia Cross


Going red isn't always about creating a stark contrast between hair color and skin. "The more olive tones you have in your skin, the deeper into the red spectrum you can go," Pierce says. A hint of brown mixed in with copper warms Marcia Cross's look right up—without the addition of highlights: "The biggest mistake any redhead can make is overhighlighting," he says. "You do all of that work to get gorgeous color, but highlights just subtract what you put in. Even color should be the goal."

Bright Copper Redhead Karen Elson


Speaking of fading, reds tend to lose their luster faster than other colors. And when your red is as bold as Karen Elson's, you want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. "Over-shampooing is the number one culprit for fading," Pierce says. His solution? Shampoo hair three times a week at most, but rinse and condition, especially the ends, daily.

Apricot Redhead Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks puts a vibrant, youthful spin on red, perfectly complementing her aqua eyes. "The lighter your eyes are, the brighter you can go," Pierce says. But no matter what shade of red you're going for, you always want it to be dynamic. Ask your stylist to place color on all sections—the roots, midshaft, and ends—for the same period of time to prevent fading. "If they're spending 40 minutes on the roots, they should spend 40 minutes everywhere else," he says. Putting the color in correctly is key to lasting color.

Cinnamon Redhead Julianne Moore


"Very rarely do you see green eyes with coppery hair shades in nature," Pierce says. For women with green and brown eyes, the darker side of red is more flattering. Julianne Moore's subtle approach is versatile: "She has rosy, fair skin, but those with olive undertones and naturally brown hair can pull this off beautifully, too," he says.

Cinnamon Redhead Ellie Kemper


Ellie Kemper's chestnut-y take is a safe introduction to red. "It's darker around the face and more copper towards the ends, so it's gentle against her fair skin," Pierce says. Another secret to making red work: "Whether it's through makeup or tinted brows, eyebrows sync it all together," he says. If you have brown eyes, lightening the brows a shade or two will soften a look, while those with lighter eyes and hair can go a shade darker.

Cherry Bomb Redhead Florence Welch


There's nothing natural about Florence Welch's dramatic red hair, but what's the point of color if you can't have fun with it (especially if you're a rock star)? She nails this supersaturated shade—likely created with permanent color—without venturing into cartoon territory. One caveat: These permanent shades will only take on those with naturally light hair. "People are attracted to bright things," he says. "And this is absolutely a magnet."

Rosewood Redhead Ashley Greene


Red can be just as hot when it's cool: A drop of violet brings depth and richness to Ashley Greene's woodsy red shade. (It's easiest for natural brunettes with dark eyes to ace.) When you've gone red—no matter which shade—expect to see your colorist every six weeks to maintain the intensity. To stretch your color to eight weeks, drop by your salon for a glossing treatment in between to rejuvenate your hair, Pierce says.