Hair's To You, FAQs about Salon Promotions, Prices, and Products.

Hello Everyone!

I get asked a lot of questions about my service prices, products, and promotions. If you scroll throughout my photos and pictures, you might have noticed I get a lot of inquiries about prices, ect. Depending on the date of the photos, the answers might be different. Throughout this year, I have tried many a promo to see "what works best". I have decided after deep thinking to make it standard, across the board. I will now be offering product promos, instead of service discounts. This way, it will be much more fair to all of my clients who visit me throughout the year.

All New Clients- Listen Up! 

For all first time clients, you are eligible to recieve 20% off  for your first color or haircut service. This offer is only valid Monday- Friday, not valid on weekends. I have a very flexible schedule, so please contact me for an appointment and we can arrange a time that works best for you. Of course, you are more than welcome to book a weekend appointment, but it will not be for 20% off.

Returning Clients- <3 

Thank you for returning to me again and again. You rock! As always, you are never forgotten when I am creating new salon promotions. I have created two raffles this year, each with a great prize. They were both hugely successful and I will continue to offer the raffles in 2 month incriments. This allows everyone atleast 1 chance to enter each raffle.

I will also be offering product promotions. Professional products are very important when it comes to maintaing the vibrancy, style, and overall health of your hair. Your hair services are your investment in yourself. Invest in yourself, and your appearance. Its crazy to think that some people pay $100 for hair color, only to shampoo with suave or pantene pro v!

Referals are amazing, and I appreciate everyone who spears the word! Effective immediatly, for every new client who visits me that you referred, you will be mailed a $5 gift card to my salon. This can be used towards product or services, and never expires. You can collect as many as you want! I have found we both tend to forget when you've sent someone to me, and I hate to not say thank you properly. This way, we both remember! :)

Product promotions! I am now offering take home products to all of my clients. In addition, there will be some weeks/months that I will be offering a free product gift with your service! This will be an excellent way for you to not only try new products, but still be rewarded for your continued loyalty to me. 


I have a price list on my website as well as in the information section of my professional facebook page 

You may notice that all of my prices have a "starting at" or "+" symbol next to them. What does that mean exactly? It means that those are base prices for all of my services, but they may increase based on the length, thickness, or amount of product used on your hair. If you have longer hair that requires more product usage, in addition to more amount of time, this price will be raised. Usually, only by $10-$20, and it will all be discussed before we start. I never  start a service on someone without disclosing a price first. This way, there are no suprises at the end! I always offer a complimentary consultation at any time, if you would like to simply come in and talk about your next hair color or cut. Also, haircuts with a color service are $25 and $32 without a color service. Why is that? All of my haircuts include a shampoo, condition, and style of your choice. By combining the color and cut together, you are saving me time since I already will be blow-drying and styling your hair! This savings is passed on to you.

Booking Appointments

I have a very flexible schedule and work hard to be readily available for your needs. However, I am becoming a very busy bee with all of my freelance work as well. In addition to my time in the salon, I work on-site for various special events, photo shoots, and weddings. Please understand that sometimes I am unavailable on Saturdays, but am often willing to work Sundays as a thank you for your patience.

I also offer pre-booking for clients as well! You have the option to book up to 8 weeks in advance to secure the time that works best for you! I can be reached for appointment scheduling via email:, through facebook, text message or phone calls to (404) 247-0473. I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

I am passionatly committed to providing you the best service and experience possible. It has been an amazing first year of owning my own, and I hope it will be an even better 2013!


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